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Swacha Graha Compost Connect (SGCC) is a first-of-its-kind experiment in India conceived and executed by Solid Waste Management Round Table (SWMRT), Bengaluru, that works towards connecting urban compost producers with the rural farming community with the sole intention of sending the precious organic waste coming out of urban kitchens and gardens back to the soil in the form of compost thereby closing the loop in the most beautiful way possible.  

59781 kgs of Compost - back to soil

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About Producer and Buyer

Success Stories


Bengaluru, despite its garbage woes, leads from the front with the highest number of bulk generators who recycle their food and garden waste into compost within their premises. At SWMRT, all of us had come across situations wherein several volunteers spearheading composting initiatives in their communities were seeking help to sell it due to lack of space to store the excess compost on their premises.


We were also aware of the worsening agrarian crisis all around and it was clear to us that one of the ways to revive the soil was to nourish it with nutrient-rich compost. However, lack of connect with the farming community kept posing roadblocks and the conversation used to usually end where it started.


Thankfully, with guidance from P Srinivas Vasu of Sustainable Organic Initiatives for Livelihood (SOIL) organisation, we were able to meet a bunch of farmers from around the city. Creating pathways where both entities connect through a WhatsApp group and making the best use of this tool to address each other’s demand and supply seemed like the best way forward to complete the circle. We did just that and that’s how SGCC took off the ground!


  • To reduce the chasm between the urban and the rural spheres by playing a catalytic role in enriching the degraded soil in farmlands through humus-rich biomass.

  • To strive to highlight the significance of individual contribution at every household and community level and its cumulative effect somewhere far away.

  • To encourage farmers to shun chemical fertilisers and pesticides and take to organic farming.

Terms and Conditions

To meet our objectives, we have put in place certain checks and balances so that both producers and farmers are benefited equally through the SGCC network..

  1. To ensure that the producers strictly adhere to the tried-and-tested sustainable composting methods to transform their food and garden waste into nutritious compost.

  2. To make sure no producer who uses 24-hour ‘composters’ or similar machines enters the network and sells the hazardous output to any buyer.

  3. To make sure the producers do not sell their compost beyond Rs 1.50 per kg.

  4. To strictly implement the “buyer beware” policy as the SGCC network works mainly as a virtual meeting point for both entities and not as a decision-making body. 

Meet the Team

Waste segregation to composting, composting to organic farming/ gardening. SwachaGraha Compost Connect closes this loop beautifully and builds a virtuous cycle by taking the compost produced by communities in Bengaluru to farmers inside and outside its boundaries. 

Savita Hiremath, Member SWMRT

Lead Campaigner

I am a soil activist. My focus is on reviving soil health through 4 Ms: Microbes, Moisture (soil), Mulch and Matter (organic). By taking the biomass (compost) back to where it belongs, SGCC campaign is working towards rebuilding soil health and addressing the need of the hour.


P. Srinivas Vasu, Founder SOIL


A scientist by training, I firmly believe that a combination of research and collaboration will bring sustainable solutions to the challenges of urban solid waste management. As a member of the Bangalore Apartments Federation, I have successfully engaged with communities to help them adopt simple and cost-effective practices in this area.

Sowmya Raghavan, Member BAF


Compost Producers

Compost producers are mainly apartments and gated communities with excess compost to sell. The size varies anything from 60 homes to 1400+ homes. The sale starts at a minimum of 100 kgs to cater to the terrace gardeners and goes up to several tonnes.


Given below are some of the communities that are participating in SGCC Campaign.

  1. Mantri Sarovar - HSR Layout

  2. Bren Celestia - Kaikondarahalli

  3. KV Lakefront - Yelachenahalli

  4. Divyashree Elan - Kaikondarahalli

  5. Shobha Quartz - Bellandur

  6. Mythreyi Naimisha - Lakkasandra

  7. KV Lakefront - Yelachenahalli

  8. Divyashree Elan - Kaikondarahall

  9. Sobha Althea-Azalea, Yelahanka

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Compost Buyers

Small farmers

These are small farmers who want to use it in their farms to grow fruits, vegetables and other crops.

Terrace gardeners

They are using it to grow vegetables, fruits and flowers on the terrace.

Compost resellers

They are buying the compost, enhancing it and reselling it in the open market.

Here are some of the buyers who have purchased compost as part of the SGCC Campaign

  1. Kiran - farmer from Kunigal

  2. Ranganath - farmer from Harohalli

  3. Madhusudan - farmer from Bengaluru

  4. Pradeep Upadhyay - farmer from Bengaluru

  5. Raghuveer Panaganti - farmer from Bengaluru

  6. Bhaskar Sivanathan - farmer from Bengaluru

  7. Dinesh Rao - Intermediary from Bengaluru

  8. Wilson Antony - terrace gardener from Bengaluru

To sign up as a consumer, kindly fill the form 

Success Stories

Kiran is a young organic farmer who owns an acre of land in Kunigal. Right from the beginning when SGCC was taking roots, he showed great interest in buying the compost and post-processing it in his farm.

Without SGCC, it would have been impossible to procure the amount of compost I was looking for and at that price. This availability of compost would probably help many turn to being organic.


for any queries on compost producers and buyers, send email to swachagraha@gmail.com

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