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Community Pledge Week Solutions

This campaign provides your community with an excellent opportunity to publicly demonstrate your commitment to the future of the city through sustainable development, by saying ‘No’ to Landfills, enabling and encouraging ‘Safe Food’.


Choose a solution that gives hands-on exposure to the process of composting to the participants. This is the first step towards “adopting it as a way of life”. Some participants will be inspired to take it further and initiate the Green Spot journey.

Community Pledge Compost Drum
  • Cocopeat

  • 55 ltr blue drum – 1




Eco Bin: +91 95913 29911


Hasirudala: +91 78297 77747


Shudh Labh: +91 98456 90778​




  1. Products listed on this site  have been tested by the Campaign  and are recommended  in good faith. Buyers are, however, advised to verify the products before purchase. The Campaign is not responsible for any product deficiency and service issues with vendor.

  2. In no event shall the Campaign be liable to the Buyers or Solution providers  for any incidental, special, punitive or consequential damages of any kind. 

  3. The Campaign will not favour one Solution provider kit over the other in its promotion activity. Further the Campaign cannot /  will not  offer exclusivity or monopoly to any Solution provider

  4. The Campaign cannot/ will not guarantee sales of the Solution provider kits. The pricing of the kits will be the responsibility of the Solution provider and will not be decided by the Campaign

  5. The Campaign will not be responsible for failures of the Solution provider organization with respect to non delivery within the stated time frame, performance of the composting kit, services of the Solution provider organization.  

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