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Start a Green Spot

SwachaGraha begins with  your pledge, to begin your  journey with 3 Green Spots - Green Spots that will keep your home and city clean thereby addressing one of the biggest societal issues of our time.

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The New Age Green Revolution

We challenge the notion that composting is a difficult & dirty process and that organic waste has to be thrown out or disposed off  every day. Composting is a cleaner option than leaving mixed waste in a bin. Imagine a million homes with a million green spots, it would be a Green Revolution of another kind. You can stand tall for your green spot home, your clean city and the health of your family.

Presenting the Green Spot story - the waste story retold
Green Revolution
Green Spot
All it needs is for you to start a Green Spot.


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Green Spot is all we need

The journey of the 3 Green spots is a guided discovery  to transforming  mundane daily activities into the power of influence of the green spot. The green spot is in your home, your garden, your dining table and it redefines what you throw, what you grow and what you eat.



For one week, put your vegetable and fruit peels daily into the compost bin and let nature take over. What you get is sweet smelling black gold after 3 weeks.




Using the compost, grow your own safe and healthy greens. Urban Farming is catching on! It’s a great way to relax and reconnect with nature.



Your garden decides your menu. It could be as simple as garnishing your salad with home grown greens or harvesting the bounty of beans, tomatoes, of the garden and serving a meal for the entire family.

To Get Started

Have you taken the Green Spot Pledge? 

We seek your pledge to address one of the biggest societal issues of our times, the Urban Crisis.  


60% of what we throw is Organic waste. A family of four throws out half a kilo of organic waste everyday.

Dumping in the Landfill destroys lives and livelihoods, contaminates ground water and emits harmful gases in the air

The average child receives 4 times more exposure than an adult to heavy metals in the water and cancer causing pesticides in the food

Pledge for a cleaner city!  Pledge to say NO to Landfills!  Pledge to say YES to safe food!
Its as easy as making a cup of tea. Take the One Week Composting Challenge and begin your first Green Spot. 

Take The Pledge
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